2020 Predictions of Clairvoyance

In November, the famous medium Nicolas Duquerroy reveals his Great Predictions 2020 of Clairvoyance for France and the Worlds that you have all been waiting for for several weeks. We wish you a good reading of the 2020 predictions of clairvoyance. 

Arbre de Bien-Être

In Europe anger and distrust towards the European political parties will be stronger in this year 2020. The Brexit that will take place in this year 2020, will make according to my draw of clairvoyance tremble Europe at first by a disruption economic, then politically showing the eurosceptics that a prosperous life outside Europe is possible. Donald Trump will be more and more unmanageable in this year 2020. Many revelations about the behavior of Donald Trump will take place according to my draw of clairvoyance in this year 2020 by some close collaborators of the President of the United States. 

The Catholic Church through the voice of Pope Francis will make important announcements in the year 2020 in the area of ​​the priesthood. This announcement will be seen by the vast majority of Catholic Christians as a true openness and evolution of the Catholic Church. Europe will be hit in 2020 by a major financial crisis that will affect in particular Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Belgium. People will show more and more their desire for social change. In this year 2020, the nationalist parties will take more and more place in the French and European political face. Donald Trump will again make much of him in this year 2020 in the establishment of a military space force whose mission is to protect the American sky. 

The US stock market will experience a momentary stock market crisis that will be the result of some countries making decisions in response to Donald Trump's remarks or decisions. Donald Trump will be blamed for some of these positions and some decisions made against the ecology following a natural disaster that will affect the United States in this year 2020. The tension showed a notch in this year 2020 between the United States and China, touching the way the European economy. An announcement will be made in the field of health, it will be linked to the release of a vaccine or treatment against AIDS. In Europe and France an important push of the nationalist parties will be felt in this year 2020.