Guardian Angel LAUVIAH
Guardian Angel LAUVIAH

Guardian Angel Lauviah

The Guardian Angel LAUVIAH "admirable God" is related to the people of the astrological sign Gemini, born between 11 and 15 June. He is traditionally the guardian angel of love. 

The Guardian Angel LAUVIAH is to be invoked in your prayers and your rituals of love, but also during your rituals of return of love.

Angelological record of the Guardian Angel LAUVIAH : 

  • Angelic Hierarchy: Cherubim or Ophanim; 
  • Planetary energies: Uranus / Jupiter; 
  • Element: Air; 
  • Incense: Benzoin and incense of the Angel LAUVIAH; 
  • Colors: pale yellow / pale blue; 
  • Stone: Garnet and Rose Quartz; 
  • Summoning Days: January 25, 
  • April 6, June 20, September 3 and November 14; 
  • Summoning Hours: between 5:20 and 5:40; 

Prayer of invocation to the Guardian Angel LAUVIAH : 

+ Guardian Angel LAUVIAH, 

I invoke you (say your name) to help me (say your problem) which today makes me suffer. Guardian Angel LAUVIAH, 

Guard me against sentimental pains by bringing to me (say your name) a sincere and true love. 

Guardian Angel LAUVIAH guides my steps towards joy, love and prosperity! 

Amen + 

This daily prayer to the Guardian Angel LAUVIAH is preferably between 5H20 and 5H40. 


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