Vanessa Duquerroy REIKI

Vanessa Duquerroy has been a therapist, lithotherapist and REIKI practitioner for many years. She consults in cabinet at Angoulême (Charente 16), Sarlat (Dordogne 24), but also remotely on photo.

Known and recognized in the world of well-being as a practitioner of professional and serious well-being, Vanessa Duquerroy is also the author of numerous media articles on the theme of well-being for humans and animals. Specialist in energy care for children and animals, this REIKI practitioner also invites you to better discover the world of lithotherapy, Bach flowers and energy treatments by REIKI through numerous workshops conducted in partnership with the Bulle Association. Wellness.

Vanessa Duquerroy, also offers help in the event of energy blockages or in case of bewitchment on the premises and people by rereading for you energy work as well as energy purification of places and people at a distance on photos. 

o reach your energetic practitioner and lithotherapist contact her immediately at +336. or fill out the quick contact form available below.

Making contact with Vanessa Duquerroy