Clairvoyance of your Guardian Angels by a serious REIKI medium


Today, it is our medium REIKI Nicolas Duquerroy specialist of the "Clairvoyance of your Guardian Angels" which transmits the message of the Guardian Angel of the day thanks to the Oracle "The Little Oracle of the Angels". 

On this day of October 24, 2019, Archangel Metatron sends you the following message: "I am your link between heaven and earth, between your human and divine character, I am here to help you heal the conflicts that exist between your heart and your spirit, feel me in your heart and in your thoughts, through unity there is love. " 

Medium interpretation REIKI medium Nicolas Duquerroy: you probably have some problems now with people close to you or important concerns. Your mind is too busy with all your problems Take a step back by trusting your doubts, your fears and your questions during a mediumistic meditation with Archangel Metatron that will bring you answers and a precious help.

If you need precious help you can get the Archangel Metatron pendant. 

Bell day! 

Arbre de Bien-Être 

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