Nicolas Duquerroy our healer and medium magnetizer REIKI


Today, we invite you to discover our healing and medium magnetizer Nicolas Duquerroy. A healer and medium magnet for over 12 years, Nicolas Duquerroy is a specialist in Belline's Oracle as well as numerology, but also lithotherapy and essential oils.

Known and internationally recognized for his great World Predictions of Clairvoyance that he performs once a year, Nicolas Duquerroy was also selected in the category "VOYANT DE RENOM" by the 2016 Guide of Clairvoyance. 

This healer and medium magnetizer also received in 2009 GAÏA search engine a bronze esoteric for the seriousness of his articles about the divinatory arts and esotericism. 

At Tree of Wellbeing, Nicolas Duquerroy's mission is to select quality lithotherapy and esoteric products as well as to allow you to discover many articles dealing with topics related to divination arts, lithotherapy and esotericism. 

How to consult the healing and medium magnetizer Nicolas Duquerroy: 

Nicolas Duquerroy consults from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 21:00 in cabinet in Angouleme in the Charente and Sarlat in the Dordogne, but also by telephone. Making an appointment by phone at +3306. or via the website

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